why does pop cause kidney stones

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Soda pops tend to be the darkest of the lots of soft drink alternatives. Colas consist ofphosphoric acid,which has been linked with an increased occurrence of kidney stones and kidney disease. Phosphoric acid is linked with kidney stones since it produces an acidic environment in your kidney tract.

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  • Why do sodas cause kidney stones?

  • Theories behind the findings: Because sugar-sweetened sodas and fruit punch are associated with higher risk, researchers suspect that their high fructose concentration may increase the amount of calcium, oxalate and uric acid in the urine鈥攁nd those substances contribute to kidney stone formation.

  • What increases the risk of kidney stones?

  • In fact, it is the high amount of sodium and phosphoric acid in fluids that increase the risk of kidney stones. Phosphoric acid increases acidity levels in the kidney tract, and this makes urine too acidic. Kidney stones form quickly in such conditions.

  • Why do kidney stones form in rare cases?

  • This rare type of stone forms because the kidneys leak too much of a specific amino acid called cystine into the urine. They occur in people with a genetic disorder called cystinuria. Kidney stones often have no single cause, and several factors may increase your risk for getting them.

  • Can too much phosphoric acid cause kidney stones?

  • If you routinely drink numerous soda portions daily, you might be getting too much phosphoric acid in your everyday diet. Instead, practice small amounts when it pertains to enjoying soda pop soft drinks to lower the possibility kidney stones will form.

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