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  • Why was Stephen stoned to death?

  • He was stoned to death because he spoke out against the Jewish authorities. Stephen was just 29 years old when he was killed. What the young deacon was preaching and teaching angered the Jewish elders. He was given a trial where Stephen gave a long speech which led to his death.

  • Who was Stephen in the Book of acts?

  • Click here for an overview of the Book of Acts. Stephen was a man who was respected and had a very good reputation. He was one of the Seven appointed by the apostles in Acts 6:1-7 as a Deacon. Acts 6:8 tells us that He was full of God鈥檚 grace and power and he performed miraculous signs.

  • What happened to Stephen in the New Testament?

  • Jesus stood to welcome Stephen. Stephen was dragged from the court and out of the city. He was then stoned to death according to the law at that time. Saul was there, but he did not participate in the stoning.

  • What did Saul do when Stephen was stoned to death?

  • He stood by to watch over the coats of those who took pleasure in stoning Stephen to his death. In other words, Saul approved of what was taking place ( Acts 8:1 ).

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