who played stone on general hospital

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Michael Sutton

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  • Who is Stone Cates on General Hospital?

  • Michael Stone Cates was a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera General Hospital . He was portrayed by actor Michael Sutton. Michael Stone Cates met and aided Karen Wexler at a party after someone slipped ecstasy into her drink.

  • Who are some of the actors that have been on General Hospital?

  • List of Former General Hospital Cast Members Actor Character Duration Richard Dean Anderson Jeff Webber 1976-1981 Senait Ashenafi Keesha Ward 1994-1998 Camila Ashland Alice Grant (#1) 1976-1977 John Beradino Steve Hardy 1963-1996 39 more rows …

  • What happened to Kristin on General Hospital?

  • Held at gunpoint (along with Jason and Jagger) and then taken hostage by Cal [Sep 14, 1992] Molested by her mother鈥檚 boyfriend Ray Conway as a young girl [pre-1993; revealed on Aug 23, 1993] Lost her footing and fell off the ledge of General Hospital while trying to stop a patient named Anita from jumping [Feb 21, 1994; saved by Sean and Miguel]

  • What happened to Christopher Abbott on ‘General Hospital’?

  • According to Page Six and Daily Mail, the actor was accused of harassing, annoying or alarming another person and also had a different issue with public intoxication on Nov. 8. Aside from his role on General Hospital , Christopher also had a presence on Days of Our Lives, where he played Stefan DiMera from 2017 until March.

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