who is playing drums for the rolling stones

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Steve Jordan

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  • What drummers played on the Stones’original recordings?

  • There are only a few drummers that played on Stones tracks while Charlie was alive and well. That was Kenney Jones who played on 鈥淚t鈥檚 Only Rock 鈥榥 Roll鈥?with Willie Weeks on bass since the track was really cut with Ron Wood.

  • What happened to the original Rolling Stones drummer?

  • Rolling Stones OG Drummer Out for U.S. Tour … Recovering from Medical Procedure The Rolling Stones can’t always get what they want — they’ll be touring without their original drummer for the first time in their nearly 6 decades as he recovers from an unspecified medical procedure.

  • Who is the Stones’new drummer Steve Jordan?

  • The drummer who will keep the Stones rolling on their US tour is a devoted family man, just like Charlie Watts. Steve Jordan鈥檚 sister said he is a lot like the late, great Charlie, who died last week at the age of 80. Glenda, 59, said: 鈥淪teve has been married for a very long time.

  • Why did Steve Jordan play drums on the Rolling Stones’Jumpin Jack Flash?

  • I like creating a groove for Mick to feel comfortable dancing in, Steve Jordan says of his Rolling Stones drumming gig. Thirty-five years ago, Steve Jordan got a call from Keith Richards asking him to play drums on a new version of 鈥淛umpin鈥?Jack Flash鈥?that he was creating with Aretha Franklin.

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