where was romancing the stone filmed

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  • What is the movie Romancing the stone about?

  • Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are Romancing the Stone in this 1984 adventure film, well-directed by Robert Zemeckis. Turner plays romance author Joan Wilder, who in order to ransom her sister Elaine, flies to Colombia to deliver a map sent to her by her late brother-in-law.

  • Will there be a Romancing the stone sequel?

  • When Romancing The Stone hit big, Fox wanted a sequel: quickly. And that, in turn, caused a few problems… We have a sizeable amount of love and nostalgia for Robert Zemeckis鈥?1984 caper movie Romancing The Stone. starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

  • Is romancing the stone a miracle it made it to the screen?

  • But then, it鈥檚 almost a miracle that the film made it to the screen in the first place. 20th Century Fox, after all, didn鈥檛 have particularly high commercial expectations for Romancing The Stone, and they were amongst the many surprised when the $10 million production earned nearly $90 million at the box office (back when that was a lot of money).

  • What happened to Diane Thomas in Romancing the stone?

  • Given the sizeable difficulties it鈥檇 encountered (Douglas would suggest that elements of it made the filming of Romancing The Stone seem like a breeze), that was something of a result. But there was still one more tragedy ahead: Diane Thomas, who originated the characters in the first place, would never see their second screen adventure complete.

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