where to buy sintered stone countertops

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  • Is sintered porcelain stone good for countertops?

  • Elegant Sintered Porcelain Stone is a great choice for your countertops as it leaves a smooth lasting impression. Sintered Porcelain is made up of natural materials, is durable and does not stain! Sintered porcelain does not need to be sealed and spills can be wiped clean easily.

  • What is a sintered stone?

  • Sintered Stone is a new and revolutionary product category. Neolith is a Sintered Stone material. Composed of 100% natural materials, which are combined, put through a press at extremely high pressure of 400 bars (5,801 Psi), then place in an oven at more than 1200 degrees Celsius.

  • What are the best sintered stone brands?

  • Widely available in the USA, Dekton is a popular brand that makes countertops, flooring, and siding out of sintered stone. They have a large variety of textures and colors to choose from.

  • How much does sintered stone weigh?

  • Sintered stone usually weights around 1.1 鈥?1.5 pounds per square foot. This makes it very light yet durable. You may see the stone as kitchen counters, vanities, stairs, and flooring. It can also provide surfaces for massive areas like outdoor flooring, swimming pools, and at spas. How is Sintered Stone Manufactured?

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