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  • What is the best curling stone in the world?

  • No other curling stone in the world performs like a Kays Scotland Curling stone, exclusively made from Ailsa Craig granite. The World鈥檚 Best Curling Stones by Kays Scotland home kays curling stones ailsa craig granite servicing shop contact china KAYS CURLING STONES Kays Curling new and refurbished curling stones are the benchmark

  • Why choose British Curling Supplies?

  • British Curling Supplies work closely with Kays of Scotland the manufacturer and supplier of curling stones to the World Curling Federation. Kays of Scotland has been the curling stone manufacturer for all three Winter Olympic Games and this demanded quality at the highest level.

  • How much does a curling stone weigh?

  • Curling stones can be purchased from a few manufacturers in the world. The most common two are Kays of Scotland and the Canada Curling Stone Company. Each of these manufacturers uses a different type of granite, but the resulting curling stone still weighs in at 42 pounds.

  • Why choose Canada curling stone co?

  • We at Canada Curling Stone Co. are proud to have exclusive rights to the Trefor granite making us the only company in the world to use Trefor granite to manufacture new curling stones.

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