what type of grout for stone veneer

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Stone veneer grout

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  • What is the best Grout for natural stone?

  • Especially when tiling with naturally shaped natural stone, the gaps may be rather large, which requires a special grout. Of the types of grout for natural stone, cementitious grout is the most common.

  • What type of mortar should I use for thin stone veneer?

  • Depending on the type of thin stone veneer you鈥檝e chosen to install, type N or S mortar will fit your needs beautifully. But mortar is the (relatively) easy part. The true task is picking the perfect cut and color of thin veneer to use in your project.

  • Can You Grout over sanded stone?

  • If sanded grout is applied to soft or glossy stone, the sand may scratch the surface. As a precaution, the compatibility of the grout and tile should always be tested on a sample. Note that both of the types of cementitious grout may stain porous natural stone.

  • What color should I paint my stone veneer units?

  • Mortar typically comes in neutral colors such as white, buff, and light or dark gray, but it can also be tinted to match a variety of shades. You might choose a hue that blends in with your thin stone veneer units, one that pulls out certain shades of your natural stone, or one that offers a stark contrast.

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