what pokemon evolves with a moon stone

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  • Can you evolve with a moon stone in Pokemon?

  • Perhaps the Moon Stones of the world came with them. The last Pokmon in National Pokdex order to evolve with a Moon Stone is Munna, a Psychic-type introduced in Generation V. This sleepy dream-like Pokmon evolves into Musharna when exposed to a Moon Stone.

  • What is Moon Stone Pokemon?

  • Moon Stone is an evolution stone introduced in generation I. This peculiar stone is used to evolve certain species of Pokmon. In terms of appearance, Moon Stone Pokmon is elliptical and black as the night sky.

  • What Pokemon evolve from Moonstones in sword&shield?

  • Thankfully, the Pokemon that evolve from Moonstones in Sword Shield, as well as the stones themselves, aren’t too obnoxious to locate. This Poison-type Pokemon has existed since the first generation. It evolves from Nidoran if the Nidoran is female at level 16.

  • How do you use moon stone in Pokemon sword and shield?

  • Moon Stone makes certain species of Pokmon evolve. To evolve a Pokmon using Moon Stone in Pokmon Sword and Shield, simply open the bag and go to the Other Items section. Finally, use Moon Stone in any of the following Pokmon. 1. Nidorina

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