what pokemon can evolve with a fire stone

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  • How do you evolve Pokemon with the fire stone?

  • Accepted Answer. Currently, 3 pokemon can evolve using the fire stone: – Vulpix can be found on Route 209 with Leaf Green inserted into the GBA slot of the DS. – An Eevee is given to you for free from Bebe in Hearthome City. – Growlithe can be found on Routes 201 and 202 with Fire Red inserted into the GBA slot of the DS.

  • What are the stones used to evolve Pokémon?

  • Over the years, many more stones would pop up to evolve different Pokmon, and many other strange evolution methods would, as well. One of the first new stones introduced after the first wave of them was the Sun Stone, which was released in the Generation II games.

  • What happens if you give a fire stone to a Pokemon?

  • If you give it to a Pokemon, they will just hold it and the process won鈥檛 work. There’s three Pokemon you can evolve with the Fire Stone.

  • Where do you get a fire stone in Pokemon sword?

  • Having existed since the very first generation of Pokemon games, the Fire Stone is mostly used to evolve fire-type Pokemon from the days of Pokemon Red Blue. Much like they are in those classic games, Fire Stones are pretty easy to come by in Pokemon Sword Shield thanks to the Digging Duo and the stone monument at Lake Outrage.

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