what is the benben stone made of

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  • What is a benben stone?

  • It is a stone with a conical shape and, according to some theorists, may be of extraterrestrial origin. The Benben stone is also an architectural term, describing the name given to the tip of an obelisk or the capstone placed on top of a pyramid.

  • Is the benben stone the landing site of Atum?

  • Mythical Benben Stone: The Landing Site of Egyptian God Atum. The Benben stone is an object that is found in the mythology of ancient Egypt.

  • What is the story of Benben?

  • According to legend, Benben was the mound that arose from the primordial waters of Nu, in which the creator god Atum ( known as Atum-Ra and then Ra, the Supreme Solar God) shaped the world. This is the creation myth of the Heliopolitan form of ancient Egyptian religion.

  • Did other solar temples have their own Benben stones?

  • It has also been pointed out that later on, other solar temples would also have their own Benben stones. For example, the temple of Aten in El-Amarna / Akhetaten, that was built by the 18 th Dynasty pharaoh, Akhenaten, during the 14 th century B.C., is recorded to have possessed a Benben stone of its own.

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