what is incolay stone worth

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$200 to $300

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  • What is Incolay stone?

  • Stone relief inlaid cases, plates, Wall hangings, soap dishes, trays, pieces, boxes, collectibles, A composition of fine minerals such as quartz, onyx, carnelian and others are combine to produce this elegant material called INCOLAY STONE, its subtle colors blend make each piece beautifully individual, with no two alike.

  • What is Incolay artwork?

  • The White Artwork is hand inlaid, and the variegated background is hand stratified. The two chemically fuse together into one solid piece of Incolay Stone. Each Piece is handcrafted and has a one of a kind stone formation.

  • Where are Incolay鈩?jewelry made?

  • These handcrafted treasures are very proudly made in the United States of America. As 鈥楳asters of Classic Imagery and Distinguished Art Reproductions鈥? INCOLAY鈩?is legendary for their jewelry and decorative cases as well as distinctive wall dcor.

  • What kind of boxes do you sell at Incolay?

  • Incolay cases boxes, jewelry boxes, Music Boxes, Plates, hanging dishes, Cases, wild life, animal cases, cowgirl presents, cowboy presents, cowboy decor, western style, cowboy gifts Incolay Stone Boxes

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