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  • What is February鈥檚 birthstone?

  • Amethyst, the February birthstone, is the purple variety of quartz. It is said to prevent drunkenness and make you quick witted in business. You once had to be rich to own this birthstone for February, but new finds have made it more affordable. Learn more about this stunning birthstone and where it can be found.

  • Is amethyst a good gemstone for February?

  • Amethyst used to be highly expensive; but since the discovery in the 19 th century of its huge deposit in Brazil, the main stone for February ceased being a precious stone. Amethyst also fades in color with exposure to sunlight, making this February gemstone less durable compared to other gemstones.

  • What birthstone ring should I wear in February?

  • February birthstone rings make for an awesome present for anybody born in that month. That said, Amethyst has a long and fascinating history in myths and legends when it graced the crowns of Lords and laborers. This violet quartz stone with it dazzling purple hue feels beautiful on.

  • What does it mean if you are born in February?

  • For those born in February, the beautiful amethyst is their traditional birthstone. As the 2 nd month of the year, February represents the overwhelming excitement and energy that comes from new growth and change. Amethyst as a spiritual stone can help in calming the active mind while also connecting you to your higher self and spirituality.

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