what happened to stone cold steve austin

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In an interview with Larry King,Stone Cold Steve Austin went into detail about why hequit wrestling. Austin still hung around in the WWE after his retirement from the ring,but his injuries filled his last days with pain and agony. 鈥淢an,it was just a buildup of an accumulation of a lot of injuries.

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  • What happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE?

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin is regarded as one of the greatest names in the history of pro wrestling. The Texas Rattlesnake was at the top of the tree in WWE during the Attitude Era, arguably the most memorable era in WWE history. However, he had his fair share of injuries which cut short his WWE career as he retired in 2003 at the age of 39.

  • What happened to Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin?

  • Broken bones in his back Booker T, on his WWE debut, began a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2001. But on his arrival, the WWE Hall of Famer unfortunately played a part in what led to one of the worst Stone Cold Steve Austin injuries.

  • What was Stone Cold Steve Austin鈥檚 first move?

  • 1996 saw his climb to success with the debut of his finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner, and the legendary catchphrase 鈥淎ustin 3:16鈥? His heel persona was supposed to draw hate from the audience but instead they loved Austin鈥檚 antics.

  • What happened to Steve Austin鈥檚 neck?

  • As a result of the Tombstone Piledriver by Hart, Steve Austin had his neck broken. This was the neck injury that haunted Austin for the rest of his wrestling career. Who Ended The Career Of Stone Cold?

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