what does it mean if you have tonsil stones

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  • What are tonsil stones and what causes them?

  • Tonsil stones (also referred to as tonsilloliths or tonsilliths) are in fact deposits that can form in the crevices and pits on the surface of the tonsils (usually because of the buildup of food particles, bacteria, or other debris.

  • What are the symptoms of a tonsil stone in your throat?

  • Tonsil Stone Symptoms, What They Look Like, and Which Symptoms Mean You Should See a Doctor 1 Symptoms of Tonsil Stones Include Bad Breath, Sore Throat, Trouble Swallowing, and More. 2 Tonsil Stones May Be More Common Than We Think. 3 Tonsil Stones Are Not Contagious. 4 Be on the Lookout for These Symptoms.

  • What are tonsilloliths?

  • Tonsilloliths, commonly known as tonsil stones, form on or in your tonsils. The small, hard stones can be white or yellow and vary in size. On the small end, tonsil stones resemble grains of rice, but they can be as large as grapes.

  • Are tonsil stones dangerous to your health?

  • While tonsil stones usually do not pose serious risk to your health, there are symptoms that can mean you need more urgent medical attention. Call your doctor if you see any of these symptoms, which may be an indication that your tonsil is infected or there is another serious medical problem going on, like cancer. (6)

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