what causes stones in the throat

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Tonsil stones, also called tonsilloliths, are small white or yellowish, masses that can appear in the throat. They are normally embedder within the tonsils. They are caused by theaccumulation of food particles, saliva, and mouth cells. They can cause bad breath, sore throat and, in some cases, difficulty swallowing.

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  • What causes tonsil stones in the throat?

  • Sinus issues are a known contributor to tonsil stones because of the infection and mucus that washes down the back of the throat. Anytime you have a high bacteria area, plus pockets where food particles can hide, it鈥檚 a recipe for trouble.

  • Where are the stones in the throat located?

  • They are located on or near the tonsils in the throat, and they have a white or yellowish color about them. They get the term stone because they are hard as a rock.

  • Do tonsil stones cause bad breath?

  • Tonsil stones are small lumps of hard material that form in the tonsils. Tonsil stones can cause bad breath though they鈥檙e usually not painful or harmful. They鈥檙e also called tonsilliths.

  • How do you get rid of tonsil stones in your throat?

  • Coughing: Tonsil stones are often coughed up inadvertently. In some cases, a hard cough may help dislodge them. Oral irrigation: Oral irrigators can sometimes be used to gently shoot water into the back of the mouth in an attempt to dislodge the tonsil stones.

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