what can a pumice stone be used for

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Get rid of ingrown hair

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  • What is pumice stone and how to use it?

  • Pumice stone is one of those tools. According to the dermatologist, this pumice rock is easy to use and removes dry and dead skin perfectly. It helps to look even and soft skin structure around your heels and elbow area. These stones are the formation of volcanic lava and water.

  • How do you use a pumice stone to remove dead skin?

  • If you still see bits of dead skin, go over the area again with the pumice stone. Continue using the stone on the area until you’re satisfied with the results. Since the pumice stone will wear down slightly while you use it, you may need to turn it over to get a fresh surface you can use to exfoliate your skin.

  • What does pumice do for skin?

  • In addition to its primary purpose exfoliating skin, you can also use pumice to remove hair, remove pills from fabric, and even clean your toilet.

  • How to use a pumice stone to get rid of corns?

  • Though there are a number of ways to remove the corn, we are sure you have never tried to do it with the pumice stone. After your bath, gently run the pumice stone over the corn to remove the dead skin. But ensure that your hands or feet are wet.

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