what are witch stones

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Hag stones

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  • What are Wiccan stones and crystals?

  • Wiccan stones and crystals are powerful tools which witches use to enhance their craft. As Wicca is a pagan religion which is heavily Earth-based, crystals are a natural incorporation since they come directly from the Earth.

  • Why do witches use heart stones?

  • The stones are often carved and tumbled into heart shapes to further reinforce this idea. Witches whose craft is focused around love and/or self-love often have several of these stones, and use them in rituals and spells to strengthen love.

  • Are adder stones sacred to the witches?

  • In Italy the adder stones were sacred to the witch goddess Diana, as we can read in Godfrey Leland鈥檚 Aradia 鈥?Gospel of the Witches by VAMzzz Publishing. 鈾?The following text is an excerpts from Aradia, Chapter IV: The Charm of the Stones Consecrated to Diana, page 37.

  • What is the best Crystal for a beginner witch?

  • A List of Essential Crystals for the Beginner Witch. 1 1. Clear Quartz. Second only to feldspar, clear quartz is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. It is found on nearly every continent on Earth. 2 2. Rose Quartz. 3 3. Amethyst. 4 4. Selenite. 5 5. Hematite.

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