what are the stones at stonehenge called

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  • What type of stone is used at Stonehenge?

  • The smaller stones used at the site are a type of stone called, bluestone. There are 82 bluestones found at Stonehenge each of which measures eight feet tall and weighs around 4 tons a piece.

  • What inspired Stonehenge鈥檚 name?

  • This red water may have been inspiration for the stone鈥檚 lurid but inaccurate name! The Sarsens The outermost setting of Stonehenge, if completed, was a circle of 30 upright sarsens, capped by horizontal lintel stones all carefully shaped.

  • Are there any sarsen stones near Stonehenge?

  • There are sarsen stones near Stonehenge but they are small and are unlike the ones used in its structure. Already in the 18 th century, the area around Marlborough was identified as the most likely origin of the Stonehenge sarsens. It is about 30 km north of Stonehenge.

  • What are the lintels at Stonehenge?

  • At Stonehenge, the lintels are the horizontal stones that form the tops of the outer sarsen stone circle, and also those that rest on two upright stones forming each of the five central trilithons. Rectangular or trapezoidal mounds of earth and/or stone, often with ditches on either side, built in the early Neolithic period as burial monuments.

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