what are the stones at stonehenge called

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  • What type of stone is used at Stonehenge?

  • The smaller stones used at the site are a type of stone called, bluestone. There are 82 bluestones found at Stonehenge each of which measures eight feet tall and weighs around 4 tons a piece.

  • What inspired Stonehenge鈥檚 name?

  • This red water may have been inspiration for the stone鈥檚 lurid but inaccurate name! The Sarsens The outermost setting of Stonehenge, if completed, was a circle of 30 upright sarsens, capped by horizontal lintel stones all carefully shaped.

  • What are the different types of blusestone at Stonehenge?

  • There are many different variations of the blusestone and four of these variationshave been collected at Stonehenge. As for the larger stones, these are known as sarsens. These sarsen stones have been described as huge unrealistic rocks that have a density harder than granite.

  • Why is it called Stonehenge’s sarsen?

  • This large sarsen gets its gruesome name from the over-active imagination of the Victorians. Originally standing upright at the entrance to Stonehenge and flanked by additional stones that are now missing, the surviving stone lies horizontally.

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