what are signs of a kidney stone

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  • What are the symptoms of kidney stones in adults?

  • Kidney stones can cause severe pain that can come in waves in your back or abdomen. Other symptoms can be similar to a UTI, including an urge to urinate, blood in the urine, painful urination, and fever and chills. If you have these symptoms, see a healthcare provider.

  • What does it mean when your kidney stone pain radiates down?

  • The pain around the kidney may radiate down into the abdominal or groin area, Simon says. This is because the pain can shift locations as it moves down the urinary tract, per the Mayo Clinic. It may feel confusing for your pain to be on the move, but this isn鈥檛 an unusual kidney stone symptom.

  • Can kidney stones cause flu-like symptoms?

  • Some people complain of flu-like symptoms when they have kidney stones. And that鈥檚 a bigger problem than a simple stone. If you鈥檙e running a fever, having chills or shivering, you may have an infection in your kidneys or urinary tract as well. You should get urgent medical attention. Kidney stone symptoms and risk varies between men and women.

  • What happens when you have a kidney stone in your bladder?

  • As the stone moves further down the urinary tract close to the bladder, you may feel more urgency to go more often and feel pain when you pee. Kidney stones can even be on both sides at once and stop the flow of urine altogether, which, although rare, is a medical emergency.

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