was stone cold on the plane ride from hell

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  • What is the infamous 鈥減lane ride from Hell鈥?story?

  • The infamous 鈥淧lane Ride from Hell鈥?story showed how out of control the WWE roster could get during international tours. WWE鈥檚 Raw roster was flying from Great Britain to the United States at the end of a long tour.

  • What happened to the WWE plane ride from Hell?

  • In 2002, unbelievable chaos ensued on a fateful flight that has since passed into wrestling folklore as The Plane Ride From Hell! It was an orgy of excess, violence, and sexual misconduct that would ultimately spell the end of at least two notable careers in WWE.

  • What happened to Curt Hennig on the plane ride from Hell?

  • The first recorded actions of what would later be called 鈥淭he Plane Ride From Hell鈥?was from Scott Hall and 鈥淢r. Perfect鈥?Curt Hennig. Add a comment… Instagram For Hall, he had a history of battling alcohol addiction, and the liquor cabinet on the plane back to the United States did not help his recovery at all.

  • Was Vince McMahon on’the plane ride from Hell’?

  • Former WWE Superstar Justin Credible recalls that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was on The Plane Ride From Hell, contrary to Jonathan Coachman’s recent comments. Credible recently spoke with Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo on Legion Of RAW.

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