should i be concerned about tonsil stones

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  • Are tonsil stones dangerous?

  • Yes, the Tonsil stones can be dangerous if they are in the chronic stage. Many doctors, websites tend to tell you only a part of the truth and thus tell your tonsil stones are no way harmful. But this is true if your tonsil stones problem is just in the beginning stage.

  • Can a doctor tell if you have a tonsil stone?

  • Sometimes, a healthcare provider happens to notice tonsil stones during an exam. If you don鈥檛 have any symptoms, your provider might notice a stone during a scan or X-ray for a different problem.

  • What does it mean when your tonsils are hard?

  • Remember a tonsil stone is hard when it is completely formed. It indicates that the soft debris which was acted upon by bacteria hardened to finally become a solid calcium stone. In general, many people tend to find that they have tonsil stone during this stage as the stone is clearly visible in one鈥檚 tonsils.

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