is soda good for kidney stones

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  • Can you drink diet soda with kidney stones?

  • However, non-cola diet sodas may have some beneficial ingredients for kidney stones. These sodas can be consumed in moderation for people who have kidney stones. As always, most of your fluid should be water. Learn more about nutrition and kidney stone prevention.

  • Is lemon lime soda good for kidney stones?

  • The chemical is why orange juice, lemonade, and lemon water are relevant for kidney stones too. While there should be some citrate in lemon-lime soda, the amount will be lower than in more natural drinks. Sodas that use artificial flavors might not have any citrate at all.

  • What drinks are good for kidney stones?

  • Drinks for Kidney Stones. 1 Water. Staying hydrated helps to keep kidney stones at bay and, if you do have a kidney stone, then drinking water can help you to pass it more easily. 2 Soda Water. 3 Basil Juice. 4 Apple Cider Vinegar. 5 Lemonade. More items

  • Why is soda bad for your kidneys?

  • Higher consumption of sugar-sweetened soda was associated with a higher incidence of kidney stones, which may be because of the fructose content. Fructose has been shown to increase the urinary excretion of calcium ( 23 ), oxalate ( 23 ), and uric acid ( 24 ), thus increasing the risk of stones ( 15 ).

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