is rosetta stone the best language program

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Build a Foundation With Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is a wonderful,polished,and technically competent language-learning program.It’s our top pickfor paid language-learning software,and we recommend it in particular for beginners who need to build a foundation of vocabulary and grammar.

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  • Is Rosetta Stone the best language learning app?

  • The Rosetta Stone company has been around since 1992, making it one of the most established language learning companies in the world. Older doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean better though. I do actually think Rosetta Stone is a really solid app though.

  • Is Rosetta Stone good for learning Mandarin Chinese?

  • If your goal is to learn basic Mandarin Chinese though, Rosetta Stone could be a good start. These Chinese apps can help you become more fluent though. In addition to its individual language courses, Rosetta Stone offers an unlimited languages subscription. This gives you access to all of its language courses for one price.

  • Does Rosetta Stone Spanish work?

  • Rosetta Stone Reviews – Why It Doesn’t Work. Rosetta Stone is the best-known company in foreign language learning. So maybe you are wondering how well it has worked for others and if it would work well for you. Sadly, Rosetta Stone Spanish rarely works.

  • Is Rosetta Stone good for homeschoolers?

  • There are many good reasons to choose Rosetta Stone for your homeschoolers. If you have multiple kids and you want them to get an immersive foreign language learning experience, choose the lifetime option. For $149, you can choose a language they can work on learning for many years with unlimited access for life.

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