is marble stone

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  • What is marble stone called?

  • The name marble is used in a different way in the dimension stone trade. Any crystalline carbonate rock that has an ability to accept a polish is called marble. The name is sometimes used for other soft rocks such as travertine, verd antique, serpentine, and some limestones.

  • What is marble made of?

  • Most marble is made into either crushed stone or dimension stone. Crushed stone is used as an aggregate in highways, railroad beds, building foundations, and other types of construction. Dimension stone is produced by sawing marble into pieces of specific dimensions.

  • What are the most interesting facts about marble?

  • Here Are The Most Interesting Facts About Marble! Marble is a natural stone used in home improvement projects around the world. It enhances the looks and feel of your home and is one of the best investments in your home. Marble is a result of limestone being subjected to immense amounts of pressure for millions of years.

  • Where is marbles found?

  • Marble is a metamorphic rock found in the mountainous regions of most countries of the world. Marble quarried in India, China, Italy, and Spain represents the majority of marble, in terms of volume, that is utilized worldwide.

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