is garnet a hard stone

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  • What is a garnet gemstone?

  • When the term Garnet is used, it is usually connotative of the dark red form; other color Garnets are usually given more descriptive gemstone terms. The properties below are generic to all Garnets; see the specific Garnet gemstone pages for more precise details.

  • What is the best Garnet for jewelry?

  • Almandine and Pyrope are the most widely used Garnet gemstones. Though Almandine is the most common Garnet, it is usually opaque and not fit for gemstone use. Only the less common transparent dark red forms of Almandine are used as gemstones.

  • Why wear a garnet stone?

  • This is because garnet not only offers passion and joy, but also the strength and mental fortitude to weather the storms of change 鈥?or even to make those changes happen 鈥?without burning out. For best results, the garnet stone should be worn on the body, generally in the form of jewelry, ideally with direct skin contact.

  • How rare is a star garnet?

  • However, Star Garnets are very rare, and generally occur in opaque stones with only a weak asterism effect; thus interest in Star Garnets are limited. Garnet is a very popular gemstone, and is the most well-known dark red gemstone.

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