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  • Will Dr Stone Manga end?

  • Dr. Stone ‘s journey into a petrified future has reached its end. As reported by Twitter user @aitaikimochi, the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump confirms that the popular Dr. Stone manga series will reach the series’ climax on March 7.

  • What is the last chapter of Dr Stone?

  • The final chapter of the Dr. Stone was released on 7th March, 2022, the fifth-year anniversary of the series, bringing the most popular science-themed manga to a somewhat abrupt end. Riichirou Inagaki, the writer of the manga, had earlier stated that he would never stretch out the story just for the sake of it.

  • Is we never learn the last volume of the manga?

  • Last month, the series announced that that series’ final volume would be out this August. Weekly Shonen Jump is a magazine most well known for its action-focused lineup of Manga series, but the magazine also has many romantic comedies in its lineup. The most recent rom-com from Weekly Shonen Jump to become a major success is We Never Learn.

  • Is Hinamatsuri manga finished?

  • The series has also received a well-received anime adaption in 2018. Hinamatsuri’s 18th volume, which came out last month, announced that the series next volume would be its final one. The announcement also said that the final volume will see a release date at some point this summer.

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