is aquamarine a natural stone

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  • What is aquamarine gemstone?

  • What Is Aquamarine – Gemstone Facts and Information Aquamarine is the soft pale blue variety of the Beryl family of gemstones, which also includes Morganite, Goshenite, Yellow Beryl and Emerald. One of the most popular blue gemstones, Aquamarine is steeped in myth and legend.

  • What is the difference between aquamarine&emerald?

  • Like many beryls, aquamarine forms large crystals suitable for sizable fashioned gems and carvings. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and the gem of the 19th wedding anniversary. The largest gem-quality aquamarine crystal mined to date is 19 inches long. Like emerald, aquamarine is a color variety of the mineral beryl.

  • Is aquamarine a good travel Crystal?

  • [Eason, 218] As a travel crystal, greenish blue Aquamarine protects those who journey by sea, alleviating the fear of water, and guards those involved in any long-haul travel such as flying or driving long distances. [Eason, 42] It is a good stone for learning to swim.

  • How rare is aquamarine?

  • It is extremely rare. Although it is most famous for its glorious cool blue color, Aquamarine is sometimes found with delicate greenish hues. In recent times it’s been noted that the bluer the stone is, the more valuable it is, generally speaking.

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