how to warm up hot stones at home

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Another way to heat the hot stone massage stones is in your oven.Place stones in an old cake pan. Heat the oven on low, until the stones reach the temperature you prefer. The stones may be too hot to handle at first. I recommend using a pot holder, towel, or tongs to grab the stones.

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  • What can you do with hot stones?

  • You can heat stones up in the winter and use them as bed warmers. Another great use for hot stones is massage. Hot stone massage therapy provides tension relief, improves circulation and alleviates muscle pain. Find smooth, flat rocks.

  • How do you keep rocks from getting hot?

  • Hold a stone in your hand. The rocks are a safe temperature if you can comfortably hold a stone in your hand. Drain the water and let the stones cool off in the pan if they are too hot. Dry the stones with a clean towel when they are at the right temperature. Wrap the stones in the same towel to keep them warm.

  • How do you heat up a Massage Stone?

  • Turn the heat to low, and let the stones warm up for at least 30 minutes. The stones should be no hotter than 125 degrees Fahrenheit, or they will be too hot for you to handle, and will burn the person you are massaging. Have your person lie face down on a table or bed.

  • How do you use a hot stone on a dog?

  • Place one large hot stone in the middle of their left thigh, one in the middle of the left calf, and one behind their left kneecap. Squirt some massage oil in your hands, and massage their right leg. Take your main massage stone and use it to apply heat and pressure to the back of the right leg.

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