how to use stones in pokemon go

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Simply head to a Pokemon鈥檚 page and scroll down to the EVOLVE button as you normally would. Press it and a prompt will appear for you to use the Unova Stone. Tap on the stoneand the Pokemonwill evolve like any other!

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  • How do you use a sun stone in Pokemon Go?

  • The Sun Stone is an item with very few uses, both in the mainline games and in Pokemon GO. Only five Pokemon require this stone to evolve, and four of these are currently in Pokemon GO: Gloom, Sunkern, Petilil and Cottonee. Gloom requires 100 Oddish candies and a Sun Stone to evolve into Bellossom.

  • How do you get evolution stones in Pokemon Go?

  • These evolution stones (or items, if you鈥檇 rather call them that since some aren鈥檛 just rocks) can all be obtained from Poke Stops. Though rare, you can get them as rewards for spinning when you鈥檙e near a Poke Stop.

  • How do Unova stones work Pokemon Go?

  • Unova Stones work like other evolution items. A handful of evolutions will require them, in addition to candy, to evolve specific 鈥榤ons. How do you get Unova Stones?

  • How do you get a Sinnoh stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

  • The Sinnoh Stone, introduced with Gen 4, is a significantly trickier find but not impossible. There are two main ways to find a Sinnoh Stone. The first is to complete your seven day research breakthrough tasks. This essentially means earning one stamp each day until you earn a legendary Pokemon encounter.

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