how to use a pumice stone correctly

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How to use a pumice stone?While you are soaking your skin,also soak your pumice stone in lukewarm water. Don鈥檛 use a dry pumice stone over your skin. …Remove the target place from the soap bath and pat dry with a towel. If your skin is still tough,soak for some more minutes before drying your skin.Take away the pumice stone from the warm water and use it for your skin.Applying light pressure,rub the abrasive side of the pumice stone over your skin in a circular motion. Massage the skin for 2 or 3 minutes. …For your feet,focus your attention on the sides of your toes,your heels,and other dry areas you notice.

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  • How to use a pumice stone for exfoliation?

  • To use a pumice stone, start by soaking the part of your body you want to exfoliate in warm water for 5 minutes, which will help soften your skin. Then, wet the pumice stone with warm water and gently rub it over your skin using a circular motion.

  • What is pumice stone used for?

  • Pumice is formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens, resulting in a porous and abrasive stone perfect for sloughing away dry skin. To use a pumice stone, soften the calloused skin in warm water, wet the stone, then gently rub the stone over the area using circular motions until you remove the dead skin.

  • What happens if you use a pumice stone wrong?

  • Improperly using a pumice stone can result in bleeding or infection. Prepare a mixture of warm water and soap in a large bowl big enough to soak your feet in. The water should be warm and soapy. You can also use a pumice stone during or after your shower.

  • How do you use a pumice stone to get rid of calluses?

  • Soak your feet in the water for at least 5 minutes or until the skin softens. Wet the pumice stone with water. Rub your feet with the pumice stone using light to medium pressure. Gently rub off dead skin, calluses and corns. Make sure you only rub in one direction.

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