how to update a stone fireplace

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How to Update a Stone Fireplace with PaintWater down the gray paint. …Paint the stone. …Wipe off stone slightly aft …Dry Brush white or light gr …ONLY IF YOU HAVE STUCCO: Pa …

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  • How to update a 1970s stone fireplace?

  • These days, having a 鈥?0s stone fireplace is a great way to add a remarkably dated look that is more of an eyesore than anything else. To update your 1970鈥檚 stone fireplace, you can add some concrete to the stone facade or even use wooden paneling for a more traditional look. If you wish, you could take it as far as painting the stone!

  • How can I update my fireplace?

  • 4. Fireplace Update Idea: Seal your stone, brick or hearth Whether you have old brick, modern river rock or a 1980鈥檚 black slate hearth, these are all products that can change colour/tone when sealed. Most of these products were not sealed originally because they don鈥檛 usually get exposed to water.

  • How can I make my stone fireplace look better?

  • Paint The Stone! Don鈥檛 ask me why, but most fireplaces from the 鈥?0s era seemed to favor those obnoxiously loud, orange-brown stones that are visually jarring to a fault. Sometimes, the easiest way to update your fireplace鈥檚 look is to just use some paint to give your fireplace a white, uniform look.

  • What is the best finish for a stone fireplace?

  • For example, mahogany finish or crisp white finish is excellent to gain a rustic feel. Stone veneers are a great way to update the traditional stone fireplace. But you have to get high-quality stone veneers. The good side of stone veneer is, u nlike conventional stones, this type of stone is light and affordable as well.

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