how to remove tonsil stones that are not visible

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To remove hidden tonsil stones you can鈥檛 see,gargle with salt water, vinegar, or a hydrogen peroxide solution, which will soften and loosen the tonsil stones while also killing the bacteria that cause them to stink. Eating acidic and antibacterial foods like onions, garlic, apples can also break down hidden tonsil stones.

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  • How to remove tonsil stones from teeth?

  • 5 Strong Ways to remove Tonsil stones even if they are Hidden: Just take some warm water and add a spoon of vinegar in it. Thus now gargle with this mix of vinegar and warm water. Doing this practice will eventually dissolve the tonsil stones and give back your happy fresh mouth.

  • Can tonsil stones be hidden?

  • Tonsil stones sometimes form so deep within the tonsil crypts that they are unable to be seen. Although hidden tonsil stones tend to be more difficult to remove than visible tonsil stones, there are a few effective ways to get them out.

  • Do water flossers remove tonsil stones?

  • Water flossers are an excellent way to remove deep tonsil stones. It鈥檚 actually my top recommended way of getting rid of tonsil stones . A water flosser is a device that shoots out a stream of water to floss between the teeth and clean the gums.

  • How to get rid of tonsillitis naturally?

  • Wash your index finger neatly and take it near your tonsils. Gently start pushing the skin around your tonsils You need not directly touch the tonsil, but push the skin around the tonsils, like the cheek, molar area etc. Continue this pushing on both sides of your mouth.

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