how to remove 11mm kidney stone

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  • How to break and remove lower pole kidney stones?

  • Top Ways to Break and Remove Lower Pole Kidney Stones: What You Need to Know 1 Lower Pole Stone with Additional Stones in the Kidney or Ureter. 2 Small Lower Pole Stones. Lower Pole kidney stones less than 7-8 mm can often be broken… 3 Large Lower Pole stones. Large lower pole stones are unlikely to be broken down with ESWL…

  • How are kidney stones found and removed?

  • Your doctor uses a thin, flexible scope to find and remove stones. No cuts are made in your skin. You’ll sleep through this procedure. Your doctor will pass the scope through your bladder and ureter into your kidney. She uses a small basket to remove small stones.

  • What is the best treatment for kidney stones?

  • These four treatments can be used on your kidney stones: 1 Shock wave lithotripsy 2 Ureteroscopy 3 Percutaneous nephrolithotomy or percutaneous nephrolithotripsy 4 Open surgery More …

  • What size kidney stone can be broken with shockwave lithotripsy?

  • Lower Pole kidney stones less than 7-8 mm can often be broken with shockwave lithotripsy with success rate similar to ureteroscopy with laser with fewer side effects. For medium size stones 0.9 cm to 1 cm, shockwave may be tried but may require more than one treatment.

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