how to make a stone necklace

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How to: First,put a piece of wire through the hole in the store Then, with your jewelry pliers, round the ends to make a double loop. Do this on both sides of the stone. Next, cut your rope to length you would like your necklace. Put tape on the ends to keep from fraying, and cut so just a small amount of tape is visible.

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  • How do you make a pendant out of a stone?

  • Let鈥檚 get making! One of the easiest ways to turn a stone into a pendant is wrapping it in thin gold wire. Use a dab of E6000 to hold the end of the wire in place, and then start wrapping. Tuck the end of the wire into the grouping near the glue.

  • How do you make your own necklace?

  • You can spend money on a fancy-looking necklace at a trendy store, or you can make your own with just a few tools, some time, and a bit of creativity. Try stringing beads to make a beaded necklace. Slide a pendant onto a chain or cord for a pendant necklace. Or, add beads and pendants to multiple strands for a multi-strand necklace.

  • Can You Make your own polished stone necklace?

  • Make your own beautiful polished-stone necklace. Making a polished stone necklace is a simple craft that you can do at home. The best part about making your own necklace is that you know the pendant will match your dress nicely because you picked out the stone.

  • How to string a beaded necklace?

  • Stringing a Beaded Necklace Use wire or thread for the base of the necklace. Cut the wire or thread 6 in (15 cm) longer than your necklace length. Choose beads that will complement your necklace base. Tie the end of your necklace base around 1 end of a clasp, if desired. Slide your beads onto the necklace base.

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