how to make a stone fireplace look modern

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Use diluted paintin multiple coats and different colours to add depth and interest. Lastly, to give a traditional fireplace a new bold, modern look, go for full coverage and an unexpected paint colour. Apply multiple coats of dark paint on the brick, hearth, and fireplace mantel to create a high-contrast focal point.

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  • How to make your home Cozier with stone fireplace?

  • 21 Inviting Stone Fireplace Ideas to Make Your Home Cozier. 1. Sheer Painted Stone Fireplace Design. Source: 2. Fresh, Bright and Transformative Fireplace Decor. 3. Painted Whitewashed Stacked Stone Fireplace. 4. Modern White Stone Fireplace and Hearth Makeover. 5. …

  • How can I Make my brick fireplace look better?

  • It can be as simple as a fresh paint job on unfinished or previously painted brick. Or it can be a simple construction project, where you cover up the brick with drywall, wood, or tile. More involved fireplace makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for do-it-yourself work.

  • How can I change the look of my stone fireplace?

  • Changing the look of a stone fireplace with color, a new mantel, or creative artwork is a wonderful way to dramatically impact the look of your living space without a full-out renovation. We hope you find inspiration and motivation in this collection of home design ideas for your stone fireplace.

  • Should you paint your stone fireplace?

  • This is a perfect piece of decor to feature on your fireplace mantel for the holiday season. Of all the ideas here, painting your stone fireplace is probably the easiest, fastest, and most affordable update. To take it a step further, add a new mantel or some updated artwork around your fireplace.

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