how to install mortarless stone veneer

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  • What is stone veneer with no mortar?

  • Mortarless Ply Gem mortarless stone veneer is an affordable, easy way to add lasting curb appeal and character to your home. Choose from a broad variety of patterns, textures, and colors to complement your home鈥檚 design. Best of all, our mortarless stone veneer panels are mechanically fastened with no mortar and no mess.

  • How thick is mortarless stone veneer?

  • Just a few miles from my home, a new building sports a mortarless stone veneer that鈥檚 about 1.5 inches thick. The pieces of natural granite have a random texture that鈥檚 exposed to the weather. While it looks like the stone pieces are random in size, they鈥檙e not.

  • Can stone veneer panels be installed without a Mason?

  • Our mortarless stone veneer panels can be installed without a mason because they鈥檙e mechanically fastened for easy, DIY installation. No mortar or grout is required, so there鈥檚 no mess to clean up when you鈥檙e done. Enjoy a seamless profile with their interlocking design.

  • Why choose stone veneer mountings?

  • Mounting brackets creates a secure attachment to the wall with a lifted design that allows for better drainage. Our mortarless stone veneer is resistant to damage from erosion, wear and tear, or harsh weather conditions. Stone Veneer is also fade-resistant to keep your home beautiful for years to come.

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