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  • How to get rid of tonsil stones in the throat?

  • Apple Cider Vinegar for Tonsil Stones Apple cider vinegar can be of great help as it contains acid. You can actually use any vinegar and that will help you. This acid in the vinegar will break down those stones. Dilute the vinegar with some water and then you can gargle with it to get rid of tonsil stones.

  • What lifestyle changes can help prevent tonsil stones?

  • However, if you are susceptible to recurrent stones, you may wish to consider some lifestyle changes to prevent tonsil stones: Avoid using harsh, alcohol-laden oral rinses as part of your dental hygiene regimen, as these rinses can do more harm than help by killing off good bacteria along with the bad.

  • Is drinking water good for tonsil stones?

  • As beneficial drinking water is to keep tonsil stones at bay, drinking alcohol is as harmful. This is so because alcohol or drinks containing alcohol can leave your mouth very dry, which can lead to tonsil stones. The same reason can simply be applied when it comes to smoking. You don鈥檛 want your mouth to get dry in any way. 8.

  • Is gargling with salt water good for tonsillitis?

  • Gargling: Vigorous gargling using salt water has a few advantages. It helps your throat feel better, plus it can dislodge the tonsil stones. It may even get rid of the bad odor. This is particularly helpful when you gargle after eating to prevent food and debris from getting caught in the tonsil crypts.

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