how to get sun stone in pokemon shield

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Getting the Sun Stone in Pokemon Sword Shield The way to get yourself a free Sun Stone can be done by simply making your way to theDusty Bowl section of the Wild Area. This can be found just south of Hammerlocke.

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  • What does Sun Stone do in Pokemon sword and shield?

  • Sun Stone is an evolution item in Pokemon Sword Shield, combining it with certain Pokemon allows them to evolve. This guide shows where to find Sun Stone Location in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

  • Where can I find Sun Stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

  • Sun Stone is found in Dusty Bowl (Wild Area). It鈥檚 pretty much in the middle of that area by a big rock. Under one of the arches of the rock you find a red Pokeball item pickup that contains the Sun Stone. It has the same location in both game versions (same for Sword as well as Shield).

  • What Pokemon can you evolve with a sun stone?

  • The Sun Stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon in Sword and Shield: Cottonee 鈥?Whimsicott Gloom 鈥?Bellossom Helioptile 鈥?Heliolisk

  • Where do you get evolution stones in Pokémon Sword and shield?

  • Pokmon Sword and Shield doesn鈥檛 have a department store 鈥?so where do you get your evolution stones? There are a few places to find individual stones strewn across the Galar region, but there鈥檚 one place in particular with a massive cache of different stones.

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