how to cut versetta stone panels

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  • How do you install versetta Stone Fasteners?

  • 聝 Starting at the bottom of the wall, position the first panel, with nailing flange up, and tongue into the Starter Strip. 聝 Fasten panel with a total of 4 Versetta Stone Fasteners in the top nailing flange. A minimum of 2 fasteners must penetrate framing, end fasteners must be located within 3鈥?of the end of the panel.

  • How much does versetta stone siding cost?

  • Versetta Stone siding costs between $17-20 per square foot. It is sold in bundles of two panels, each panel is 8 x 36 and covers two square feet. The Versetta Stone system can be installed without a stonemason and is DIY-friendly.

  • Why choose versetta stone veneer?

  • Our cement-based, manufactured stone veneer panels are meticulously crafted with premium materials to provide years of low maintenance and beauty Versetta Stone 8鈥?x 36鈥?panels leave little waste on the floor. That helps reduce landfill usage while saving you money on the job.

  • What is versetta Stone tight cut pattern?

  • Versetta Stone Tight Cut pattern gives you the sophisticated look of expertly cut and fitted stones in a panel that installs with screws or nails. It鈥檚 an efficient way to raise the bar on curb appeal.

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