how to cut tiger eye stone

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  • How do I cut and Polish tiger’s eye gemstones?

  • When cutting and polishing Tiger’s Eye gemstones, skillful orientation to the fibrous structure must be applied to achieve the best chatoyancy. Ideally the cut should be perfectly parallel to the length of the fibers to achieve fullest chatoyancy.

  • How to identify tiger eye gemstone?

  • Thus, from durability, we can deduce whether tiger eye gemstone is real or fake. Besides these methods to identify a real tiger eye stone, a person can also distinguish between hawk eye and tiger by observing the color of the stone. If a stone looks brown and contains less iron than it is a tiger eye stone. Origin of Tiger eye gemstone:

  • Why are tiger’s eye stones always cut en cabochon?

  • But with tiger’s eye, even flat-cut stones will reflect small rays of light off the surface of stones. Some stones may exhibit a strong cat’s eye effect which appears as single ray of light. Tiger’s eye is almost always cut en cabochon in order to maximize the desirable chatoyancy.

  • What is tiger’s eye stone used for?

  • Tiger’s Eye is a very inexpensive gemstone, and is used in beads for bracelets and necklaces, as well as in pendants. It is also used for costume jewelry and occasionally used for ornate carvings or floral pins. Gemstones cuts of Tiger’s Eye are encountered but are not common. OTHER NAMES.

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