how to build a small dry stone wall

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  • How do you make a dry-stone wall?

  • To make a dry-stone wall, you first clear and level the ground to prepare the foundations. Then you sort out your stones into different sizes, typically with piles of large, medium, and small stones.

  • What size rocks do I need for a dry wall?

  • For a dry wall, you want a variety of shapes and sizes. Some rocks can be smaller than the wall width, larger stones should be the same width as the wall, oddly-shaped rocks can be used as filler, and flatter stones can be used as capstones.

  • Do dry stone walls take a long time to build?

  • Take time to choose and place your stones carefully: dry-stone walls take a very long time to build, if you do it properly, and it’s time that’s well spent. Much like building a brick wall, you finish off a substantial part of each horizontal layer before moving up to the next one.

  • How do you build up a wall?

  • As you build up layers, you will need to place some 鈥榯hrough stones鈥?at regular intervals. Through stones extend the entire width of the wall, locking the smaller stones together so the wall bonds and remains strong.

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