how much is a lapis lazuli stone worth

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The worth of lapis lazuli can get very pricey. Depending on the pureness of the lapis lazuli, a very pure stone can cost you around$100 per carat, while lower grades or less pure, can be around $1 a carat. A lapis lazuli ring can be thousands of USD.

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  • What is the highest quality lapis lazuli?

  • The highest quality stones have a blue to purplish-blue hue and an even color, with a tone of 75-85%. Bluer lapis tend to be in the lighter range, and stones with purple hues tend toward the darker range. Prices drop rapidly for stones darker than 90%, which appear dark and drab (Wise, 2016).

  • What is lapis lazuli stone used for?

  • For cultures around the world and through history, lapis lazuli has been a stone of truth and friendship. The blue stone is reputed to promote harmony in relationships. Blue lapis lazuli gemstones are indeed one of the most classic blue gemstones frequently used in gemstone rings.

  • How can you tell if lapis lazuli is real?

  • Sodalite is the only natural gemstone readily available in large enough sizes with a deep enough blue to be a convincing lapis simulant. Acid testing can be used to determine if a lapis specimen is natural. A drop of hydrochloric acid (HCI) on lapis lazuli releases H 2 S gas, the odor of rotten egg.

  • Is pyrite or calcite better for lapis lazuli?

  • Although collectors may debate how much pyrite is ideal in lapis lazuli, most would agree that the less calcite, the better the stone. Calcite can be seen as streaks or patches within the darker blue or can predominate in the mix, giving the rock an overall lighter blue shade.

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