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  • How much does stone veneer cladding cost?

  • The cost of the stone veneer alone can be between $100m2 and $150m2. If you’re cladding a house, you may need up to 200 square metres, but stone veneer can save money and you may save up to $10,000 if you have a house veneered with a cement stone product.

  • How much does cladding cost per square metre?

  • Stone veneer cladding is usually the most expensive, with a maximum of $150 per square metre. Aluminium cladding prices are around $14 to $40 per square metre. For more details, see the table below:

  • Is stone cladding a good choice for a modern home?

  • However, stone cladding is also a great choice for a modern home design that鈥檚 sympathetic to its surroundings, with many sleek and contemporary options for cladding your home with stone available. In our guide to stone cladding, we look at the types of products available to buy on the market, the benefits and challenges, and how much it costs.

  • How much does EcoSmart stone cladding cost?

  • All up installed cost around $400 – $450 a sq metre All up weight on the frame 80 – 100kgs a sq metre EcoSmart Stone cladding with cavity fittings. Cost is around $140 – $160 a square metre.

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