how long can a kidney stone take to pass

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45 days

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  • How long does it take for kidney stones to go away?

  • 鈥淏asically, for the first-timer with a kidney stone, the symptoms are not subtle.鈥?This sudden pain will begin to ebb and flow after the first few hours, gradually getting better after a few days. Dr. Benway says you shouldn鈥檛 wait for the pain to easeseek evaluation right away.

  • What does it feel like to pass a kidney stone?

  • Passing a kidney stone is said to be some of the most severe physical pain a person can experience. You may picture someone passing a kidney stone in excruciating pain while a small rock moves through their bladder, but according to Dr. Brian Benway, director of the Comprehensive Kidney Stone Program, pain peaks much earlier in the stone鈥檚 journey.

  • How big of a kidney stone can you pass without treatment?

  • Kidney stones that are larger than 9mm-10mm can hardly pass without a doctor鈥檚 intervention and require timely treatment to avoid complications. To increase the passage rate of kidney stones, a urologist may recommend certain medications.

  • What is a kidney stone?

  • Kidney stones are made of chemicals in your kidneys that the body cannot pass, often due to a lack of water. Kidney stones pass without notice, but larger ones are extremely painful.

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