how do you feel after you pass a kidney stone

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  • What does kidney stone pain feel like?

  • The pain comes and goes as the kidney spasms, trying to get rid of the stone from inside your kidney. It may feel like you have pulled a muscle in your back.

  • Does kidney stone pain go away after passing?

  • Not usually unless: Most of the time after you pass the stone the pain will disappear.But in some cases if the stone is associated with infection one may have some pain … Read More Wil you still bleed after passing a kidney stone?

  • What does Stage 2 kidney stones feel like?

  • Before the pain was INTENSE, now, in stage 2, the pain is throbbing as the kidney stones scrape their way through the urinary system. You will also feel a build-up of pressure if the kidney stones stop anywhere along your urinary tract. This in itself is not painful but you will know if it happens.

  • What happens when you have a kidney stone in your bladder?

  • As the stone moves further down the urinary tract close to the bladder, you may feel more urgency to go more often and feel pain when you pee. Kidney stones can even be on both sides at once and stop the flow of urine altogether, which, although rare, is a medical emergency.

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