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How do whisky stones work?Upon placing the frozen stones into a glass of whisky, they absorb the heat from the liquid. This allows you to enjoy a cold dram without the whisky losing any of its original flavour. However, the lack of melting that occurs means that the whisky stones won’t keep your drink as cold for as long as ice cubes would.

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  • Do whiskey stones really work?

  • The only problem: whiskey stones don鈥檛 work well. They don’t enhance drinks the way ice cubes do, and they also don’t cool a drink as well as ice. Take it from someone who deeply regrets buying her Scotch-drinking father a set of whiskey stones last Christmas. Here’s why that gift鈥攁nd whiskey stones in general鈥攁re misguided:

  • How do whiskey stones cool a drink?

  • Whiskey stones don’t chill a drink as well as ice cubes. Instead, chilling involves a transfer of energy between the whiskey and the ice. The ice cube absorbs some of the heat from the whiskey, which causes its surface to come above freezing temperature, and thus to melt. The melted ice then cools the whiskey.

  • What happens when you put ice in a whiskey stone?

  • The melted ice then cools the whiskey. Since the whiskey stone can’t melt, when it takes on the heat and energy of the whiskey, it will get warmer. So, it will chill the drink a bit at first, but eventually the stone will get warmer and stop effectively chilling the drink.

  • What are whisky stones made of?

  • Whisky stones are made from soapstone which is a perfect material for absorbing cold temperatures. Having been frozen the stones then gently cools your drink of choice.

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