how do clean a pizza stone

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  • How do you clean a burnt pizza stone?

  • Use a plastic spatula to remove stuck-on pieces of burnt food, then wipe it with a damp cloth. If necessary, soak your pizza stone in water to soften burnt-on food, and use a combination of baking soda and warm water to remove stains.

  • How to remove mold from pizza stone?

  • Mix a splash of vinegar with around a teaspoon of baking soda until the mixture reaches a paste-like consistency. Scrub the mold with a brush and the paste. Clean the stone with a damp cloth. This paste can be used to remove stains, too. If this method does not get rid of the mold, you may want to toss your beloved pizza stone and get a new one.

  • How do I clean baked on food off of a stone?

  • Once the stone has cooled completely, scrape off any baked-on food with a stiff, dry brush or a plastic scraper, and then use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Thanks! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

  • Can you use a pizza stone for cooking?

  • If you rely on your pizza stone for making pizza with an amazingly crisp crust, you might be worried to find burnt food on the stone. Since you don’t want to set off a smoke detector the next time you use it, remove as much of the burnt food before you clean the surface of the stone.

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