how big are pyramid stones

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25 to 80 tonnes

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  • How big is the Great Pyramid?

  • Originally 146 or 147 meters (479 or 482 feet) high, the Great Pyramid required 300,000 blocks and more than two million tons of stone. Dr. Hawass helps put the Great Pyramid’s immense size into perspective.

  • How much do the stones in the pyramids weigh?

  • The granite stones in the pyramid were transported from Aswan, more than 900 km (560 mi) away. The largest, weighing 25 to 80 tonnes, form the roofs of the 鈥淜ing鈥檚 chamber鈥?and the 鈥渞elieving chambers鈥?above it. How heavy are the stones in the pyramids? How Heavy?

  • What is the heaviest pyramid ever made?

  • The pyramids of Giza are among the heaviest objects humankind has ever created, and the Great Pyramid of Khufu is the heaviest of them. The Great Pyramid, also known as Akhet Khufu, consists of 2.3 million blocks of stone, each weighing about 2.5 tons.

  • How many blocks are there in a pyramid?

  • There are about 2.3 million blocks in total. It is the tallest structure ever made by man (without machines) in about 3800 years. It has a height of 756 feet. To determine the weight of the pyramid, we consider the weight of each single building block used.

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